The Hilary 2019 Committee

Executive Committee


Julia Pamilih

Hi, I’m Julia and I’m President of the Oxford University Media Society. I oversee the society’s strategic direction and act as final port-of-call for major decisions. I’m largely responsible for external elements of the society, such as booking and liaising with guests, seeking new sponsorship and patrons, and communicating with the Senior Member.

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Finlay Field

Hi, I’m Fin and I’m Secretary. The President and I work closely to manage the internal workings of the society. I oversee a wide range of day-to-day operations, from managing our visual brand to making sure the door-list is printed off and ensuring diversity amongst our speakers and committee. I shape the focus of our events, while dealing with ad-hoc issues and enquiries to keep everything running smoothly.


Matt Kenyon

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m Treasurer of the society. I manage our accounts, working with the President to ensure the society is financially stable for the future. I work together with the Secretaries on membership queries, and with the Director of Marketing and Communications on sponsorship and donations.

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Assistant Secretary:
Ria Ranadive

Hi, I’m Ria - Assistant Secretary for the Media Society. I help the President and Secretary in delegating tasks and keep up to date with what everyone is doing. I work with the rest of the executive committee to shape our long-term strategic direction, whilst ensuring our approach is consistently efficient and professional.


General Committee


Head of Marketing:
Lizzie Maggs

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I’m Head of Marketing. I work with the Exec on the Society’s branding, as well as with Bea and George to develop an effective event promotion strategy and content for individual campaigns.


Head of Events:
Kirsten Grant

Hi, I'm Kirsten and I'm Head of Events. I make our events happen; in tandem with the Exec, I coordinate guests, venues, and organisations around Oxford in order to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Events Team:
Adam Dalrymple and Ruth Obude

Hi! We’re Adam and Ruth, and we make up the Events Team. Working with Kirsten, we help to organise each level of our weekly events - ensuring that students, academics, journalists et al can be a part of the Media Society.


Digital Marketing Lead:
George Philips

Hi, I’m George and I’m Digital Marketing Lead. I manage our online presence, from the OUMS website to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; I also work with Lizzie and the Exec on the Society’s graphical strategy.


Marketing Communications Lead:
Bea Dyer

Hi, I’m Bea and I’m Marketing Communications Lead. Through our newsletters and the Society’s network of College Ambassadors, I keep members and non-members of the Society in the loop about our events.


Social Secretary:
Victoria Hasan

Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m Social Secretary. I organise society functions with the Events Team, and ensure a high level of morale amongst the committee.