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Fread set out 10 months ago to solve a problem in online content monetisation (news, journalism, music, video).

I’ve written a lot about this problem on the Fread blog, so won’t rehash it all – I’ll put a few links below.

While we’re doing a ton of work behind the scenes to make micropayments a reality, in the meantime we’ve launched a product in the news space that we’re pretty proud and excited about – Fread Unlimited.

At Fread, one of the things we believe is that getting access to a broad range of good quality journalism is essential part of your digital diet. But it’s impossible to do that at a £2000 price point. So, we built Fread Unlimited. It’s like Moviepass or Spotify, but just for paywalled news. You pay £10 / $12 a month, and get a login that gives you access to the major paywalled news / journalism websites. And if you come across some content that isn’t covered by your Fread subscription, with a click of a button we’ll make sure you get access.

We’ve had an incredible response so far, with just under 30,000 people signed up for the beta so far in the first 2 weeks.

This is far more than we bargained for, so we’ve temporarily suspended new signups. Because of our sponsorship of the Oxford Media Society though, we’re keen to open it up to any interested students! If you’re keen to try Fread Unlimited out, sign up now: you can use the exclusive code ‘getfreadph’ at getfread.com

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Fread Unlimited gives you access to all-you-can eat premium news & journalism for just $12 / £10 a month. That’s it. You can read all the premium paywalled news you ever wanted, but didn't want to pay over $2000 for. Never bounce of a paywall again. No limits, no strings, no fuss. Simple.

Sign up using the code GETFREADPH at getfread.com